Starting a group

There are many types of Groups that you can start, but before you do anything, ask yourself why you want to do it. While many people start groups for right reasons, it can turn into a big, ugly monster really fast. YOU can turn into a big ugly monster, too. Like being a "Public Servant," it is not just you that you are responsible for anymore. It can be stressful, tiring and you may not get as much help as you'd like to imagine.

About 3%-10% (usually closer to the 3) of group members STAY involved or do their part to share the burden. Many look to you, the leader, for direction and don't know what to do on their own. This can cause you to sour - OR the complete opposite, get power hungry.

Ever been part of a Group where the leader, without ever saying it, just radiates: "Look at me!" or wants your approval for sharing the same space as you, as if you are smaller? If that's your local leader, a new group has to be started. (Yes, I said it - and I don't care whose feelings I hurt - you self serving fake-leader showboating turds. I've worked with your type before.)

Your leader should be the person who doesn't WANT to be the leader, but has either been thrown into the roll, by the members, or steps up because no one else is doing it and you don't trust anyone else not to go completely corrupt on you.

It's hard. It costs money, out of your own pocket. You have to act the way YOU would WANT YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES TO ACT. It's not for the faint of heart or weak of mind.

People want to be entertained, but NEED to be educated. They want you to give directions, but they don't want to actually do any of the stuff you recommend to them. They need you to kick their butt and remind them why this is so important.

If you start a Group (and good luck to you), I recommend MORE EVENTS and LESS MEETINGS. At this point in the war (yes, WAR) we need to be visible. Out in the public. Protesting, Rallying, Posting Online, Making Videos, Emailing them to Sheeple, Knowing Our Rights and Standing Up For Them. Every. Chance. We. Get.

If that means that out butts are out on the sidewalk in this town this week and that town next week, then do it. You do what you have to do, legally and peacefully. Always.

Make friends with your local Sheriff, if possible. Go to City and County Business Meetings and be vocal. (Though, these may be online, make sure at least 25+ people RSVP to sign on and badger them until you have names on a list. Hold them accountable, just as they will hold you accountable.)

Don't waste money on venues for meetings. Get resourceful. If you MUST have a meeting, go to a park and do a prayer first or just invite a few vetted, involved people, who have proven themselves, to your home or a coffee shop.

Delegate! I can't stress this enough. If everyone in the group has a job that THEY are responsible for, or a sub-group that they have to help run, then you are WAY ahead of where I was after 2 years of pulling my hair out being a Tea Party leader!

Learn from the mistakes of others. (See above)

COMMUNICATE/NETWORK: You MUST MUST MUST talk to the leaders of other groups and have a way to contact each other. Phone, email, an online private meeting room... something. STATEWIDE EVENTS ARE EFFECTIVE AND THEY MOTIVATE PEOPLE TO ATTEND! For Example, on June 14, 2020 (Flag Day) I am hosting a flag waving and peaceful protest in my county. I called up my bff and she is putting one together in her county. Only 37 counties to go and we will have a simultaneous event. (There's the REAL "Together While Apart.")

Focus hard on getting out the vote. We have to break records, getting like-minded people motivated and registered to vote this year, because they are going to do everything they can to stop us. EVERYTHING.

Be strong. Be not afraid. You can do this. You are worth it. Your kids are worth it. Learn from your mistakes. No use crying over spilled milk. Keep pushing forward. Speak out. Think for Yourself. Research for Yourself, before blowing somebody off, thinking they are crazy. This is a crazy world and these are crazy times.

This movement affects us all. ALL. I can't stress that enough. Where one area/county fails, we all could fail. It truly is: Where We Go One We Go All.

God Bless.