Grassroots promotion

The Success of the Event Depends on You

Grassroots Events, like this one, are dependent on The People. They aren't financially backed by [insert any evil individual, Foundation, NGO, etc. here] and need the support of you and me to make or break it.

A lot goes into planning and hosting an event and nobody gets paid, so it is vital that those who are interested in attending or believe in what it stands for help out. The simplest way is Promotion.

What You Can Do

In most cases, promotion can be free - or cost very little. All it requires is a little bit of time, on your part.

At the cost of one or two minutes of your time, you can send a quick blast out on Social Media.

In three seconds, you can share someone else's post.

In five minutes, you can make or download and post a graphic.

If you want to take it further, you can print materials and put them around town, make a video or...whatever ideas you have. Get creative.

Day-of Event Hashtags

 Please use Hashtags:  

#TrumpRallyPNW & #MAGApartyPNW (if in the PNW)

or #SilentMajorityNoMore (if anywhere else)


TR-FG&C Advertisement Combination Flyer (jpg)


TR FG & C AD Flyer 1 (png)


LOGO 1 Badge, Business card (jpeg)


TR FG&C LOGO 2 (jpeg)


TR-FG&C Advertisement Cross- stand for the flag kneel for the cross LOGO (jpg)