Event Speakers - Salem, OR - 6/29/19


Heather Hobbs




 Heather Hobbs is a Pro-Life Speaker, advocate for life, rape  survivor, domestic violence activist, wife to an amazing husband, and  mother of four based in Southern Oregon. She focuses on the so-called  “hard” cases as three of her four children were urged and pressured to  be aborted by medical doctors.  


Jonathan Lockwood

Oregon Republican Spokesman | Consultant, policy advisor
Jonathan Lockwood Twitter


Robert M. “Bob” Snee, Esq.


Parents Right to Choose/Medical Freedom
Bob Snee Twitter


Bob is a Portland attorney in private practice, the father of two young adults, and has been an advocate for medical freedom for over nineteen years. Originally from southern New England, Bob moved to Oregon in 1982 to attend law school, and loving everything about our great state, decided to call it home. He is one of the founding members of Oregonians for Medical Freedom, a multicultural, bipartisan grassroots coalition of Oregonians from all walks of life who believe parents have a fundamental right to make informed medical decisions for their children as well as themselves.


Representative Mike Nearman

2nd Amendment

Republican - District 23 - Independence

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1423

Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-378, Salem, Oregon 97301

Email: rep.mikenearman@oregonlegislature.gov

Website: http://www.oregonlegislature.gov/nearman


Michael Elsberry

Convention of States


Michael Elsberry is a long-time political activist and moderate who believes in the concepts of freedom and self-governance. His involvement in grass roots efforts, political campaigns and legislative efforts led him to further explore the constitution and governing laws. He currently serves as the Oregon Legislative Liaison for the Convention of States Action group.

As an accredited electrical and technology designer, Michael spent four years in Washington D.C. as a security advisor to the Clinton Administration. During his career as a security and technology expert, inventor and entrepreneur, he has regularly spoken on a national platform to discuss technology, market trends, changes and thriving in an ever-changing economy.

Currently, he is the President and CEO of Oregon's 4th largest independent security company, specializing in intrusion, fire and life safety products. He has resided in Oregon since 1997, after leaving the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. He and his wife, Marilyn, live in Yamhill County "Wine Country" and are parents to four adult children and three grandchildren.


Joey Nations

First Amendment

Candidate Oregon Congressional District 5 


"My campaign represents the working men and women of this district who don't have time for corrupt politicians. We're tired of Oregon not having a voice in D.C. so the people are here to take our state back from the ground up. We want honesty, we want access and we wanted it yesterday." - Joey Nations, Republican for 5th District

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