OverPass Event - 6/29/19

Censored Online - So, we're taking our Message to the Streets

Some time ago, people forgot how to play the game. Many, like myself, just wanted to live their lives in peace, assuming that our rights and freedom were being protected by those we elected into office. Those "Representatives" took advantage of our silence, though. [They] stopped representing us and started representing themselves, and their own wallets.

Our silence became consent - until the Tea Parties were formed. Groups of local citizens came together in a grassroots effort to remind the establishment who was in charge. What many don't know is that Obama weaponized the IRS against some of these groups, and certain Organizers were targeted by the MSM, DHS and even Republican Party Leadership (on local, state and federal levels), until eventually you didn't hear much from these groups anymore. In many areas, these groups were disbanded, co-opted, took on a single issue, or followed a national group, which knew nothing of combating or understanding state or local issues.

Fast Forward to a historic trip down an escalator...

Then along came Donald J. Trump, and hope was reborn.

How many "Representatives" have you ever known to keep their promises? I've met and watched many, and can only name one. Now, you can call yourself a Conservative, a Nationalist, a Patriot, an Independent, a Republican, or whatever you like - but what it really boils down is We are The People. Our POTUS is not a loyalist to any party; he is a loyalist to the Constitution. To the United States of America. To Freedom. To We, The People... which means every attack on him, is really an attack on us.

So, on June 29, 2019 we are asking you to stand with our brothers and sisters in Salem, OR

Stand with Trump. 

Stand for YOURSELVES. 

They have censored us online, so it's time to find other ways to make our voices be heard.

  • Find your nearest overpass and take your homemade signs or your flags - and stand.
  • Make plans with friends or family to meet you there.
  • Plan another event.
  • Support those you see by honking.
  • Run your errands in your MAGA hat and/or Yellow Vest.
  • Make it your mission that day to register like-minded people to vote.
  • If you can't leave home that day, CALL. Leave messages for those non-representing "Representatives."
  • Email [them].
  • Write and send [them] hand-written letters.
  • Get a few supplies and make some homemade (waterproof) campaign signs to put up on the side of the road.
  • Get creative.
  • Take photos and post them on Twitter using  #TrumpRallyPNW & #MAGApartyPNW (if in the PNW) or #SilentMajorityNoMore (if from anywhere else)


Together We Can Trump The Establishment

He Stands With Us and We Stand With Him.