Stop The Bias

Just how bad is the censorship and bias?

In recognition of the shadowbans, search bans, locked/restricted accounts, hidden comments (tagged "sensitive"), bot accusations, suspensions, content suppression and/or removal and other unfair practices by Tech Giants, President Trump added the "Tech Bias Story Sharing Tool" to the White House Website... but a search using "white house tech bias" still won't bring up the official page. (I gave up at page 11, because... seriously.)



  • If you have been a victim of Tech Bias, FILL OUT TRUMP'S FORM
  • Find other ways to get the truth/your message out. Maybe stand on an overpass with a sign. Maybe host a public event. Maybe use free speech sites to organize and plan with (instead of just preaching to) the choir.
  • Stick with the offending site (if possible). They WANT you to leave. They WANT you to walk away and not have access to those who might join us. Do. Not. Give. Them. What. They. Want.
  • While on the site, make use of the comment sections and replies. Tag our POTUS. Tag each other. Make your presence be known. Give our POTUS cover in the comments to his posts. Focus on Education instead of Attack.
  • If on Twitter, seek out and use liberal hashtags. LIKE the non-political tweets of liberals! (That one makes the algorithms go funny.)
  • Find ways around the road blocks. As many as possible.
  • And never give up.